Thursday, February 9, 2012

Snow. Amazing. Everyday.


There is something magical about snow…‘real’ snow. Not just the kind we tend to get here that soon turns to slush. We’re talking about pristine, brilliant white snow that glistens. The kind of snow that actually crunches underfoot!

 It is February 8th and we have not seen any measurable amount of snow in New Jersey.  I never thought I would say this… but I miss having at least 1 major snow storm.

When snow is falling and blanketing the earth it captures for a brief time a peaceful feeling. Everything is all right in the world as we nest in our amazing everyday homes.

And when wind stops howling and the snow stops falling you awake to a world covered in white. The contrast at times is breathe taking. I think I may paint my home this gorgeous color of deep yellow in preparation of any future snow storm.   Of course my house is made of brick so I will miss the pleasure of witnessing this scene.

Even the hustle and bustle in the City of Philadelphia is slowed during by snow. Everything moves a little slower.

Snow days are the best! Kids go wild when school is closed. Their excitement is contagious. Even adults wonder if work will close and they will have a snow day too.  One of my fondest memories is my kids coming in from a day of sledding with red cheeks, frozen toes and fingers and begging for hot chocolate.

I miss the snow…. Just look at the vintage sleds outside my front door. When I arrive home the sleds scream at me “put us away” it is not going to snow this year.  I am stubborn and think there has to be one snow storm so I can run to the grocery store to buy comfort food, check my rock salt supply, discuss the pending snow with everyone I meet, watch the local newscasters think of how many ways they can measure the snow, curl up with a book and smirk because I know my sleds look great in the falling snow.

Inspiration and photos from Google Images, Helen Dalaplane and  Adrienne Rise


  1. Lovely pics. Lovely post! Makes me miss the snow too. And I HATE winter :)

  2. Thank you..I am a child of summer but as long as it has to be cold....let it snow

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