Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring . Amazing . Everyday

Today is the first day of spring and I should be busy writing a post about spring cleaning.  But the  temperature feel more like May and I have a full blown case of spring fever.  My brain is saying keep the course but my heart is screaming get outdoors, plant a garden, take a ride!

So I listen to my heart and changed out my dinning room center piece to something a little brighter. Something saying spring is here...

Next stop was Lowe's  to purchase pansies and mulch. Love fresh mulch...it screams spring as it defines my day lilies and tulips which are have already surfaced.  As I loaded six bags of mulch into the cart one thought went through my mind..."this is why more women are not mass murderers..we can't carry the dead body."  I am still thinking this when approach the checkout and the young male employee make a face because the bar codes on the bag are facing down.  Little did he know how lucky he really was since I  cannot carry dead weight. I admit it is not a spring like thought! By now I have worked up a hunger and there is only one place for me to go!

Stewart's Root Beer Stand, a landmark for many,  has stood in this spot since 1940. Owned and operated by the same family the entire time.  It opens in March and closes in October. It is a ritual of spring around here...the place I went as a teenager to hang out, the place I took my kids to and now my grandchildren. Generations of families come back every year and it is no different for my family. Of course, I  could not resist sending pics to my children and sisters. Everyone has their favorite order! Hot dogs, Pork Roll, California Burgers...

Yep...they only have car side service. The” carhops”  are male and wear white uniforms. So nostalgic!  I was greeted the same way he greets me every year "Hello Gorgeous" which makes my day. While I was waiting for my order, I noticed an elderly women waiting for a takeout order at the counter. Seems my carhop guy was not allowing her to pay for her order. I could over hear her saying "if you do this I can't come here anymore". Depression area people are a proud bunch and she reminded me of my grandmother. The carhop gently rubbed her arm, kissed her on the cheek and sent her on her way.  Secretly, I could have hugged him because despite her protest he made her day!

So as I sat in my car eating my cheesesteak sandwich, I thought "yep" it is Spring! Flowers ate blooming, I am wearing flip flops, just witnessed such a sweet act of kindness and tomorrow ....

I will write the post about spring cleaning!


Inspiration from Google Images and my photographs