Monday, March 12, 2012

Paint it Black . Amazing . Everyday

I See A Red Door and I want it Painted Black No Colors Anymore I want them to turn Black"
Rolling Stones 1966

Just like the Stones rocked it out..."Paint it Black" is my standard answer whenever my daughter, sisters and I are chatting about refinishing a piece of furniture. It is has become a family joke with only my daughter agreeing with me. My sisters roll their eyes...knowing full well I will paint it black and eventually they will like the finished piece. But come to think of it they have never asked me to finish a piece for them...hmm! 

My preference in decor and decorating is casual elegance. Shabby chic, while popular, isn't the look I want when refinishing a piece of furniture. Maybe why I have an addiction to black paint. Black is a strong color and makes a statement. More my style! No one would every describe me as a sunshine yellow or feminine pink.

I am always on the look out for my "next score" at flea markets and the local Goodwill Store. Over the winter I purchased several pieces and was forced to wait for warmer weather. Living in a townhouse has it advantages but not having a garage to work in is not one of them. 

Warmer weather arrived and I could not wait to start this bench i picked up a Goodwill for $5.00.  It quickly became my Saturday project.

Any sign of varnish was worn off long before purchasing the bench so only a light sanding was necessary. The seat had two layers of fabric to remove. Here is were I day dream wondering who owned the piece? Was it part of a vanity set where a young girl watched herself grow into a lovely young women?  Did the owner pass away and no one in the family saw the beauty? 

Once down to the batting...EEK! It was in pretty bad shape and imagine full of dust mites. So, I replaced with 4 layers of new batting. 

Since working with a small piece, I decided to go with Valspar Spray Paint Satin Finish in black, of course.This is were my project move outdoors.  I sprayed the base of the bench with 2 light coats of paint to avoid dripping. While it goes against my nature ,I have learned not to hurry this step. Several light coats gives the piece a beautiful finish.

While the paint was drying I quickly covered the seat with a cream and beige silk fabric, I had used on another project. Covering a seat is just like wrapping a package. Only...use a staple gun instead of tape to secure the fabric to the wood. Bing, Bang, Done! 

Close up of the finished bench...

And where it will live.

 My passion for re-finishing furniture is not about saving money or decorating on a budget. I like the romance of it all! The story behind the piece and transforming something old into beauty again.

I hope I inspired you to take a trip to your local Goodwill Store or flea market and find the piece just waiting to be Painted Black.



  1. So pretty Betty! I don't usually paint things black but it certainly works great with this project.

  2. One would never know that you got it at Good Will for 5 bucks! Bravo!

  3. Thank Ypu for taking the time to read...appreciate it so much!