Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tulips. Amazing. Everyday.

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Look through any home magazine and you will see at least one room styled with fresh flowers. The images are striking, breath-taking. It’s just not the beautiful furnishings, décor, flooring and the fact that everything is perfectly in place that makes you think I’d love to live here!  It’s the flowers! The extra special little touch makes such a big statement.  Designers and stylists know that flowers make a room look warm and inviting.

Knowing this trick of the eye, I make it a point to purchase a bunch of fresh cut flowers every week, but there is a method to my madness and I like particular flowers each season.

I love Tulips this time of year! First, they appear in vases around my home, and then by April they will be in full bloom in the garden in front of my house. 

The first year I planted tulips I anxiously waited for the red and black beauties to bloom. I checked their progress every day until one morning I knew they would be in full bloom by the time I arrived home from work. Since I was new to tulips I was didn't know how much the squirrels enjoyed them too. When I arrived home they had bitten off every beautiful bloom. ARRGHH!  The next year I learned to place dried hot peppers around the tulips to ward off the squirrels.

There are a few things to keep in mind when working with fresh cut tulips.

  • Because tulips continue to grow even after being cut, they will bend to conform to their container.
  • Cutting an inch off the stems every 2 days will promote water intake making them stay fresh longer.
  • Tulips do not like direct sun, heating vent and drafty places.

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My freshly cut tulips.

image via Wisteria Home

My daughter-in-law carried tulips on her wedding day!

It is no coincident that red tulips are my favorite as they are the most popular variety.  Just like roses, red tulips symbolize love. Legend has it the first red tulip were tears shed by a Persian Prince who was completely devastated by an unrequited love. Red roses have become quite common to show true love but red tulips are a more unique flower to show true love.

So if you want to chase the winter blues away, make your home look amazing every day, or show some one how much you love them…pick up a bunch of red tulips!

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